What Kit Do You Need to Play Indoor Football?

Are you uncertain of the supplies you’ll need to begin playing football? Or imagining a soccer match played within a dome? There are a few differences in the gear that may be worn when playing indoor soccer as opposed to outdoor soccer. Our luxury soccer dome, the only indoor football venue in Dublin, enables you to play football year-round, regardless of the weather.

Therefore, it’s important to dress adequately even if you won’t be getting dirty. What gear is necessary to play the beautiful game indoors? The appropriate equipment might significantly boost your performance.

Which football boots work best?

Boots with studs or blades (metal or plastic) are not allowed since modern 4G (infill free) indoor football astro-pitch technology assures a smooth game flow. They may cause damage to the 4G surface when utilised, as well as increase the risk of knee or lower leg injuries.

We suggest wearing shoes made for astroturf or artificial grass or football cleats with a rubber sole. These provide you comfort and grip on the pitches and let you to move freely without snagging studs, mouldies, or blades, allowing you to perform at your best. Since there won’t be any muck on an indoor field, that is one benefit, make sure your footwear are clean before the game.

Before playing, test on any new boots you want to purchase to be sure they fit your foot type. Many boots will conform to the contour of your foot, although they may need some initial breaking in. Keep in mind to try your boots on with football socks because you might need to get a size larger for comfort.

What Should I Dress in?

The advantage of playing indoors is that you don’t have to worry about being chilly or wet while picking what to wear! Additionally, our cutting-edge synthetic grass fields contain a layer of shock absorbers to guard against ailments often related to outdoor fields.

Accidents are still possible, so always make sure you’re wearing shin guards. If you do decide to wear them, make sure your socks are long enough to draw up over the shin pads since you can still get knocked easily, even on a soft, indoor surface.

Wearing a lightweight, breathable t-shirt or football shirt is recommended. The same holds true for shorts and jogging pants. You’ll stay dry and cool while playing if you do this. Polyester, a more breathable fabric, is frequently used to make football uniforms. You’ll stay more comfortable during the game if you wear clothing that has a drying technology that transfers perspiration into a different layer of the fabric.

If your athletic gear is being washed, you may wear a regular t-shirt (but be ready for sweat spots!).

You can use a base layer for additional comfort to prevent painful chaffing and to manage perspiration. Your temperature may be controlled by them as well.

Don’t adorn yourself with jewellery. Before approaching the field, it is essential to take off any jewellery, including wedding bands and earrings, to prevent needless and painful injuries.

Extra Equipment and Accessories

You probably have a set of gloves if you play goalkeeper. You must still wear them when playing indoor football. Gloves help in goalkeeping and protect your hands from flying balls. If you wish to hold a 5-a-side game, some players have bibs or shirts made for their teams. To represent their teams, many sportsmen simply don the same colour shirt.

Don’t forget to buy some good football socks that are breathable, fit snugly over your shin guards, and go inside your boots. The gym bag mentioned before might be used to store all of this equipment. You can get them at any sports store.