Google Pixel Buds Pro review

With the Pixel Buds Pro, Google has entered the high-end market in India one year after releasing its entry-level wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds A-series (review). Even if these are tardy, excellent things are worth waiting for. A vast range of available capabilities, including as active noise suppression and wireless charging, are complimented with a secure fit, straightforward operation, and compatibility with all Android smartphones, elevating the user experience above that of competing wireless earbuds.

The experience is enhanced by the earbuds’ straightforward yet useful design and charging case. As an example, earbuds are oval-shaped devices with inclined in-ear tips at the bottom on the backside and sloped circular heads on the top side (looking outward).

Although the earbuds appear large, they really fit snugly in the ears and do not resemble mushrooms emerging from the ears. The earbuds are lightweight and provide a snug, secure fit for a comfortable experience even during prolonged usage.

The charging/storage case is similarly simple yet effective in design to the earphones. It has a pebble form and is constructed of matte-textured plastic, which is easy to hold and facilitates handling. The case contains an LED on the front that blinks when the earbuds are in pairing mode or the cover is open. When the case’s battery is low, the LED light turns orange. It also functions as a charging indicator, becoming white when the case and headphones are charging.

The case contains a USB-C connection at the bottom for wired charging, speaking of which. The Pixel Buds Pro enables wireless charging, which compared to conventional charging requires a lot more time (about four hours) to charge the case and buds (about ninety minutes).

Although the look is attractive, the Google Pixel Buds Pro’s strongest points are its audio quality and usability. This is especially true for those whose devices have reverse wireless charging capabilities. The earbuds’ default sound characteristic is well-balanced with deep bass, crisp voices, and fine treble. Let’s start with audio performance. It’s important to note that whether active noise cancellation is turned on or off has no effect on the audio signature.

ANC is nice, but it’s not the finest, to speak of. But the transparency mode, which does not needlessly amplify or filter ambient sounds, works in conjunction with the headphones. As a result, it provides a fresh experience and sounds clean and genuine.

As for taking voice calls, the Pixel Buds Pro work well for both. Even in areas with a lot of background noise, audio calls are excellent thanks to ANC. The microphones take up voice clearly and never struggle to provide a decent experience, regardless of the surrounding noise levels. Regarding usability, Google Assistant is a feature. To activate voice control, simply say “Ok, Google” on the earphones. In addition, the earbuds read notifications back.

This is a convenience, especially if you use products from the Google ecosystem. In addition to Google Assistant, the earbuds’ simple touch and gesture controls provide convenience. Tap your earpiece once to start/stop music or answer calls, twice to switch to the next track or decline a call, or three times to return to the previous track.

In addition to tapping, there is a tap and hold touch control option that can be customised to toggle ANC or chat to the assistant. In addition to this, there are gesture controls for volume, which work by swiping forward or backward to increase or decrease the volume, accordingly.